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You are what you eat - its a great saying and it means more than we think. When we eat healthily we look for outside signs of change - maybe fat loss, glowing complexion, clear sparkling eyes... but do we ever stop and think about the hard work that goes on inside our bodies.

Every second our body is going through the process and repairing and renewing every cell in our body and it needs a huge amount of energy and nutrients to do this tricky job properly. And I am sure you can guess what happens if the body doesn't have what it needs to repair and renew - things go wrong - cells may not replicate correctly which can sometime trigger a cancer or the body can simply steal the nutrient it needs from another part of the body eg: calcium from your bones or teeth.

Supporting the inner workings of the body is my key focus when we do individualised nutritional programs - this way we can ensure that your feeling well, full of energy, your body works well and of course you look fantastic too as a bonus!

Some people say - can't I just eat or not eat whatever I like and just take supplements? The short answer is no - no amount of supplementation can take the place of a healthy diet. Nutritional supplements are fantastic and essential and I believe the practitioner quality supplements I use are the best around - but we are always best to use these in addition to a well balanced healthy diet programmed for you.

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Fussy eater - no problem - you tell me what you like and I can design a dietary program that will work for you. We never need to suffer when we eat healthily - I believe eating well should be a part of a wellness program for life. I don't expect you to be good 100% of the time - its the day to day habits that bring us unstuck - so by ensuring you eat well most of the time and have fun and be naughty occasionally we can optimise you're diet for your lifestyle.

Nutritional programs can be tailored for anyone, any age, any situation.

Nutritionists specialise in:

  • Fat loss programs (see www.ketoslim.com.au for my very successful fat loss program)
  • Wellness and health programs for optimised vitality
  • Dietary management for health problems such as: diabetes, heart disease and much more
  • Children's health
  • Geriatric care
  • Reducing inflammation in our bodies with diet
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Shift workers

All nutritional programs include recipes, access to appropriate web sites, tailored made diets for you.

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