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Christina Pirie

Christina Pirie

I am passionate about natural medicine - I became serious about natural medicine when my son was a baby and I just couldn't get the answers or help I needed from traditional doctors.

The more I learnt about the human body the more I realised that we are wholistic creatures and that the human body is an amazing machine and given the right tools we all have the power to heal ourselves.

I enjoy working with people who are excited about improving their health and their life. Who doesn't want more energy and to look and feel fantastic?

I know myself when you eat well and exercise and support yourself with meditation, nutrients and a great attitude the world is your oyster.

I love my children, family and my animals. I love to travel and explore different areas and cultures. I enjoy living on the coast and it's a privilege for me to work in the cutting edge of healthcare and to help all my clients feel better by allowing their own bodies to work for them.

I have a range of fantastic health programs and massage therapies that will increase your health, wellbeing, energy and zest for life!

I am registered with all health funds for your convenience.

Qualifications details - Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Qualified Practitioner of Remedial Massage, Bachelor of Arts , Accreditation ATMS 13373


“Since the first time I met Christina many years ago she has taken care of me with my arthritis for which I was suffering a lot of pain and I was on a medication called Prednisone with a high dose, since Christina started treating me with her magical hands with massages and vitamins I have been weaned of the Prednisone. Also looking after my health, trying to keep me on the right track for which I am thankful. Thank you Christina. Kay my wife has also been seeing Christina for quite a few years now and is very happy with the massages and treatment and advice plus her guidance on weight loss for both of us.“

Frank A

“I have been coming to see Christina for many years. I have experienced severe headaches for many years and on doctors recommendation saw a Physio. I changed to seeing Christina for convenience and her wonderful massages keep my headaches at bay. My dog can't wait for a massage as well - but he is spoilt enough! “

Naomi A

“Dear Christina,

You helped me tremendously after my mother died. I saw you at the lovely Frangipani massage clinic in Woy Woy.

I did not realize at the time that I have always had a problem with my adrenals and you pinpointed it and had me on the road to recovery immediately. I have since moved interstate unfortunately, but always keep up the adrenal tonics when I get a little drained.

Thanks so much for keeping me informed - always a pleasure.“

Sandra A

“I am a client of my Naturopath Chritina Pirie that has been treating me for chronic nerve pain in my knee for the past 10 months!!! I really can't speak highly enough of my treatment!!! Christina is extremley caring, professional and has really supported me especially in recent weeks when i had a sudden flare of chronic pain!!! Christina not only supported me with Natropathiac treatment but also supported me throughout a very hard time for me @ made me a cup of tea, gave me dinner until my pain eased and was able to drive home!!! As you see Christina is not only amazing Natropath but is extremely caring friend that has met my not only my physical needs but my psychological needs as well!!! How blessed are we to have her look after us in the Bays!!! “

Fiona H

“Down the hill and up the stairs to a heavenly massage. Christina has hands that heal and a heart that listens. You will feel physically and spiritually rejuvenated after a visit to Christina's 'Wellness Clinic'. Christina is a qualified naturopath and with wisdom and natural therapies she can help you find a solution to your health problems. “

Ann W

“Dear Christina, I just want to thank you for your very thorough and ongoing health support. In particular, for putting me onto the Metagenics Detox program. Before this I was feeling flat, tired and sluggish. But now I have much more energy, my head feels clearer, I'm happier and healthier all round. I imagine this is what my car feels like when it has a new filter, grease and oil change! I'd recommend it to anyone. You truly are a beautiful and gifted woman with a genuine heart for helping people. It is always a pleasure to see you. Bless you. “

Jacinta W