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Animal Massage

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Massage is important for dogs and cats of all ages - young animals benefit from stretches and excellent muscle and tendon health, older animals benefit as a means of rehabilitation, injury prevention, pain relief and increasing flexibility.

Massage is great for animals that are:

  • Athletic such as dogs doing racing, agility, trials or flyball
  • Working dogs
  • Rehabilitating from surgery
  • Detoxing - by keeping their systems healthy and strong
  • Post surgery to improve recovery times. lymphatic drainage and healing
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Growing dogs - to keep muscles and joints healthy
  • Cats also have great benefits from massage
  • Pain management - for pallitative care, geriatric animals and arthritis

Think about how much your dog or cat jumps, runs, leaps and lies - imagine if we did half the activity we did how sore our muscles would be!

Massage is a great way of knowing your pet - during massage early abnormalities or hot spots may be found and its a great way to make your pet comfortable and happy. During the treatment I will use a number of stretched on your animal to keep their joints flexible and mobile.

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How long does a session take?

Half an hour is usually optimal for animal massage


You choose - your home where is pet is comfortable or bring them to my clinic in Horsfield Bay.

What to expect?

Your pet will usually settle into the massage within around 5 minutes, shorter once they are familiar with the process and they can relax and enjoy some Animal Healing music in quiet, peaceful surrounds. Most animals will usually lay down, relax and maybe even have a little sleep! We can let them sleep at the end of the treatment or use some stimulating massage to wake them up at the end of the treatment. Sometimes animals will urinate more after a massage due to its detoxifying nature.

What is your role?

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For the first massage its important the owner is present and available to sit with the pet during the process, this helps calm the animal and keep it settled. Obviously once the pet is familiar with being massaged the owner may not need to be nearby. During your animals massage you can learn some simple massage techniques you can use between treatments to keep your pet relaxed.

What are my qualifications?

I am a human naturopath and remedial massage therapist with ten years experience in muscle health and injury rehabilitation. I have studied Herbal Medicine for animals and Natural therapies and Animal Massage through TAFE and I plan to begin an Animal Studies course soon.

I have one lovely dog of my own - Zafrina (ridgeback/staffy/lab?? cross) and 2 cats - Nala and Siann who all enjoy their massages very much.

How to book?

Request booking to see me now


Phone: 0414 868 185


Email: Naturopath@mywellnessclinic.com.au

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