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Ever wondered what those marks in your eyes mean or have your got red lines in the white bits of your eyes? Come along and have an iris analysis - using latest technology photography and computer viewing to understand the health indications represented in your beautiful and unique eyes.

By looking in the eye I can observe red or yellow signs in the sclera or white section of the eye - do you have liver issues or inflammation? The sclera gives us current indications of what's happening healthwise now.

The iris (coloured) section can provide us with a myriad of information about all our health systems and predispositions. Our eyes show physical signs we inherit from 2 generations above us from both parents. For example it's interesting to observe lung signs in a patient who has never smoked but there father or grandmother did.

eye image

The iris is broken down into anatomical structures in both eyes so from markings in the eyes we can easily see areas that need support.

From a half hour iridology analysis you can expect a snapshot of your health and a range of suggestions including nutritional and lifestyle options that would give you ongoing wellness support.

In a longer session we can discuss emotional iridology - the eyes also give us an insight into our personalities and what we need to learn and be happy. Birth order is another interesting area that can be discussed in a longer iridology session.

Book your iridology session today and get a glimpse into the fascinating informative medium that is your eye!