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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the services covered by my health fund?

Most of our wellness clinic services are covered by the health funds - please ask your therapist when booking which funds they are covered with and you can also check your fund for further details. Many funds have convenient online claims processes now which means you can process your claim directly after your appointment at your own convenience.

How much does each service cost?

Please contact each therapist directly for consultation costs. Fees vary depending on the practitioner and there is often specials and promotions available so please ask us!

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on the services you require and your condition. When you book in your first appointment your therapist will guide you on the expected treatment process, fees and estimated timing for appointments. Of course this is always up to you - we will make suggestions in the best interests of your health.

When are the individual practitioners available?

Contact each therapist for their operating times - My wellness clinic is open 6 days a week and most evenings - so we are sure to be able to make there is an appointment to fit in with your busy schedule. Some therapists are also available for home visits where appropriate.

What about servicing clients under Workers compensation, case management or home care?

We can offer services to all these clients and can bill the appropriate agency or insurance company - contact the appropriate therapist and they can discuss doctors referrals if appropriate and any other information needed to begin your treatment.

Should you tell your doctor your going to a wellness clinic?

Yes of course. We believe that our role as practitioners is working along side your doctor or any other specialist in their field such as your chiropractor, physiotherapist, oncologist, endocrinologist, occupational therapist or anyone else all with a united goal of improving your health and well being. We can accept referrals from any specialist - although you do not need a referral to make an appointment.

Your naturopath or herbalist will ensure that none of your medications interact with any vitamin or herb we prescribe. We are also happy to keep your specialist updated with your treatment and progress. Think of your health as needing a board of directors - on this board sits your dentist, doctor, naturopath, counsellor, hypnotherapist, meditation coach, chiropractor, massage therapist and anyone else you need - we all work for your best interests.

Can we arrange blood testing or specialised testing?

Yes - natural therapists have the ability to make referrrals to many specialised testing procedures such as allergy and food intolerance testing, blood testing, urinary and saliva testing for a range of health assessments such as hormonal profiles, stool analysis, functional liver detoxification profiles and so much more - ask your therapist for more information at your appointment.

What payment facilities are available at the clinic?

The clinic accepts payment by Eftpos and credit cards also cheques and cash are accepted.

Can I order supplements online and have them posted to me?

Yes - we are able to do online orders and post/courier client orders. Individualised herbal products can be made and there is also a range of practitioner prescribed nutritional and herbal supplements available and homoeopathics. For more information please talk to your therapist.

Can I do a phone consult?

Yes - where appropriate this can be arranged - please ask your therapist or email an enquiry.